HA. Ihavandhoo School


Ihavandhoo School
Ameenee Magu
Ha.Ihavandhoo, 01070
Republic of Maldives
Phone: (960) 6500096, Fax: (960) 6500528
Email: ihavandhooschoolgs79@hotmail.com
Date of Establishment: 14 May 1979

As one of the most leading educational institutions, established on 14th May 1979, at the center of northern tip of Maldives, Ihavandhoo Madharusa has irrevocably been discharging its fabulous service to enhance the development of the younger generation with aspiration of life, social values and higher level of conduct. One of the most cherished dreams of people of Ihavandhoo bloomed in the reality when the school became a glamorous torch to broaden the horizon of nation.
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