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Ha. Atoll Thuleemee Marukaz
Shareeul Ameen Magu, Block No:100
Ha. Dhidhoo, 01100
Republic of Maldives
Phone: (960) 6500014, Fax: (960) 6500560
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The foundation stone of this Centre was laid down on November 15, 1980. This Centre was declared open by the former Minister for Provincial Affairs, Honourable Mr. Abdullah Hameed, on February 7, 1982.
Acquire knowledge and high morality in line with Islamic principles and instil immense patriotism amongst the children to strengthen the unity of the nation.

ސްކޫލު މިޝަން
ކޮންމެ ދަރިވަރަކީ ތައުލީމީ ރަނގަޅަށް އުނގެނިގެންހުރި، އިސްލާމީ ގިއުގަނޑުގެ ތެރޭގައި ތަރުބިއްޔަތުވެ، ޤައުމުދެކެ ލޯބިވާ އަދި ޤައުމުގެ އެއްބައިވަންތަކަން ދަމަހައްތާ ދަރިވަރަކަށްވުން
The foundation stone of this Centre, Haa Alif Atoll Education Centre, the seventh of its kind in the country, was laid down on November 15, 1980. The august presence of the former Minister of Education, Honourable Mr. Mohamed Zahir Hussein, made the foundation laying ceremony; one of the memorable events in the lives of men in the street in this Atoll.

The construction of the school building was done on a war-footing and the initiative and enterprise on the part of each and every one helped tremendously to complete the construction works within an amazing and strenuous two years. Without the diligent and relentless effort and unflinching cooperation extended by the islanders, the swift completion of the school would not have been possible. The School construction project was part of the IDA World Bank financed Education and Training Project.

The project supports the Maldivian Government’s policy of extending opportunities for secondary education beyond the capital Male’. This Centre was declared open by the former Minister for Provincial Affairs, Honourable Mr. Abdullah Hameed, on February 7, 1982.

During the very first year, we were fortunate enough to have a student enrolment of 74 and two well trained, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers to enlighten the future of the nation with knowledge and high morality in line with Islamic principles. Moreover, the school was headed by a very dynamic, energetic and multi-faceted administrator with excellent creative and intellectual qualities, named Mr. Mohamed Naseer Yousuf.

The school curriculum is based on the National Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) and Cambridge University General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (GCSE O/Level). This Centre is committed to excellence in student-centered education. As a school committed to excellence in student-centred learning, we have produced students with specific stream related expertise and high levels of generic skills to be leaders in the development of our community.

In 1997, the school presented the first batch of students for the GCE (O/L) Examination for the first time in the history of the school and the results were amazingly encouraging. Since the inception, the school had been producing excellent results in the academic field and most of the old students are holding responsible jobs in various sectors throughout the country and some of the former students have managed to reach key positions in the society.

We have steadily improved our academic performance over the last few years and now holding the different position such as, first position in the national top-ten in the recent years in education across the Maldivian school education sector. Apart from that, we are proud of having one step advance in imparting education. Having started the advanced level standard since 2008 under this roof is an outstanding achievement in the history of school. This fact reflects that we are steering the direction of our school, towards the right track. Henceforth, our goal is to build on strengths of national prominence in teaching and learning, resulting in education outcomes that significantly impact on both scholarly communities and national communities.

In reality, the goal is excellence and the striving to reach this goal turned into a reality when English was introduced as a medium of instruction in the year 1998 and the consequent adoption of science stream on February 7, 2000. With a whopping current enrolment of more than 700 students and 60 teachers, this Centre has gone a long way in par excellence with the other prominent secondary schools across Maldives.

Today, on 4th February 2010, when the school commemorates its silver jubilee functions, the nation and specially the islanders of Didhdhoo remarked and proud of the achievement of their school. We aim to be distinctive and to find new ways to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge. This goal can be seen in our innovative teaching methods, our cutting-edge informatics resources, our novel approach to knowledge, our commitment of creating equal opportunities for students and staff, and our community outreach initiatives.
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